Why choose us?

Unique coaching programs - Frequent Interaction - Take the time to understand you - Multiple life experiences to pull upon - Motivate and Inspire - A passion for helping others.



Here at Life Step Management, we live and breath coaching. Some people realise that the reason why they keep going through tough times is because they were born to help others, which is why we are equipped to help you. Our coaches have a wide range of experience in many areas and we take the time to understand any concerns you might have. We use our own experiences and expertise to guide individuals from many walks of life. We understand that everyone is unique and we focus our 100% attention to one person at any given time. We also offer individualised programs, which can be designed specifically to your needs. If we feel one of our coaches can offer a unique insight into a specific area that you need advice on then we have the opportunity to do so. This is what sets apart Life Step Management from the rest.

Coaching can be for everyone and a coach doesn't necessarily need to come from the same background as the person they are helping. Whether you need a brief phone call, an inspiring email or a thorough one-to-one conversation then Life Step Management is here for you. As with any work we have ever done, the satisfaction of helping someone with their goals is far more fulfilling than any of the business side of things, which is why we go far and beyond to reach our clients needs.


Benefits of having a Life Step Management Coach:

One-to-one Coaching in person

Weekly Email Support

Always available

Emergency sessions

Individualised Programs

Networking Opportunities

Feedback from sessions

Seminars & Workshops

Motivation via Social Media

How to reach Success
The best personal development coaches

Extra Benefit: When you join up to one of our programs or services, you are immediately placed within our associated business networks. If we feel that one of our connections may benefit from meeting with you then we will facilitate an introduction.

Why do people want a coach?


A typical individual who might seek out a coach will want to:

  • Start something new.

  • Change their career.

  • Upgrade their skills and abilities.

  • Discover what they truly want in life.

  • Improve their health and well-being.

  • Balance their work and social lives.

  • Earn more money doing what they love.

  • Gain clarity in their life.

  • Increase self-confidence.

  • Find their purpose.

Coaching is about enabling the individual to make sounder decisions regarding their future. Life Step Management want to get the very best out of each individual but they must first have a desire to change or improve their current status.


More and more people are looking to coaches for support and guidance because they are starting to realise how important they are in someone’s journey.


Coaching is somewhat ‘new’ to a lot of people but the sooner we embrace the need for coaching in our daily lives, the sooner we can make those necessary changes to become happier and more successful. Having someone to talk to; having someone who listens; having someone who cares about your success is a tremendous thing to have.


Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not counseling. Life Step Management do not claim to have all the answers; however we do have the tools to help YOU find them.


If you want a positive, inspirational and motivational person who has a passion for developing others to help guide you to achieve your goals, then a personal coach is for you.


If you can relate to any of these desires then coaching is most certainly for you. Sometimes individuals may not even know what they want to get from a coaching session which is why we offer a FREE consultation to see how Life Step Management can help them kick start a more fulfilling life.


How does coaching work?

Coaching is just as effective over the phone as it is face-to-face. Sessions can take place anywhere and thanks to technology, we can work with people from all over the world.


Having a coach that works this way makes it very convenient for both the client and the coach as sessions can be arranged at the client’s convenience.


Coaching this way means that sessions can be conducted anywhere, there will be no travelling costs or restrictions, sessions can occasionally be arranged on short notice and no rooms will need to be booked.


Life Step Management offer coaching through numerous ways:

  • Face-to-Face

  • Over the phone

  • Via Skype

  • Via Email

  • We are also willing to try and test new technology that the client may already successfully use however we recommend having these common ways of communicating available in order for sessions to run successfully.


Why we do what we do.

Life Step Management has a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. It’s as simple as that. Our coaches have achieved great successes in their lives but they have also had to overcome many obstacles along the way. We believe the reason why we have had to go through those tough times is because we were meant to learn and grow in order to help others go through similar tribulations.


After seeing so many people succeed with the help of coaching, we cannot help but have an increased desire to spread the word and start helping as many people as we can.


We all deserve to be successful. We all deserve to have the life we want. It's time to get rid of any negative thoughts in your mind and start to envision the life you've always wanted.


Life Step Management's 6 Values of Coaching

  1. Life Step believes everyone has the opportunity to succeed and be who and whatever they want.

  2. Life Step aims to guide and coach but never to teach or force information upon individuals.

  3. Life Step will never judge or bring pre-conceived ideas to any coaching sessions.

  4. Life Step will not be responsible for the outcomes and solutions. That is down to YOU.

  5. Life Step will offer deep questioning to help clients make passionate but strategic decisions.

  6. Life Step will value each and every client and focus on the positives in every situation.


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