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There is no hiding from the fact that a professional sporting career doesn't last forever. Many athletes young and old end up falling out of their sport without ever having developed any other interests, skills or abilities. Once your career finishes...what would YOU like to do? This is where Life Step Management steps in.


Risks within Sport
A successful sporting career doesn't last long (up until 29-35 years of age).
Grow up being within a TEAM environment with no independence skills.
By the age of 21, 91% of professional footballers have given up the game.

Only 1% will ever make it.
Risks of injury are far greater in an athletic career than most industrial occupations.

Athletes have a tunnel vision focus and fail to see the reality of the sport.

There is a lack of support for the personal side of the sport.
Athletes may gain qualifications but fail to learn essential soft skills relating to the real and business worlds.


These facts should never defer ANYONE from entering a sport or wanting to become a professional athlete. That is not our message. Sport is a fantastic tool for human development and is a wondrous gathering of exceptional talent and entertainment. However what affects us here at Life Step is seeing such great potential fall through the cracks after a failure and becoming nothing of what they are able to become. Life is bigger than sport and we want to prolong your success way after your sporting careers.


How does Life Coaching fit within Sport?
It is apparent within sport that the mental side of the game can be a larger factor than the physical side of the game. However over the years psychologists and sports coaches have mainly focused on dealing with the pressures from within the game and fail to address the pressures from outside of the game.
Life Step Management's coaching services for athletes enables sports professionals to gain a balance between their sport and the other areas of their life. Our programs aim to develop the skills and abilities needed to prolong their success outside of the game whilst maintaining their focus and energy on things that matter within the game. Boredom, depression and worry are all relevant to any athletes life but with our programs and one-to-one coaching services, we help athletes develop other interests and skills so that these feelings do not interfere with their playing performance.
As well as having coaches within Life Step Management who are living examples of athletes transitioning into the business world; we have worked and helped many current and ex-sporting professionals do the same. We agree that you must dedicate your entire being to your passion but failing to prepare for life after sport can leave individuals with a lack of purpose, which can then lead to a unfulfilling rest of their lives.
From simply writing an email and organising your daily routine to writing a CV and finding a job that you love, Life Step Management can support you or your team.

We work with many ages from a variety of sports. See below for a list of our services and get in touch to find out how we could help you, your club or your organisation:

Life Coaching for athletes | Football Coaching | Life after sport
Life after sport


Life Step Management offer 1-2hour workshops for sporting clubs/organisations. Our workshops explore specific topics, coach you to succeed, inspire and motivate.


Drawing upon real life examples our workshops are engaging and fun but quickly deliver some serious key messages that you can take away as you take charge of your future.

Workshop topics include: Goal Setting for Athletes, Branding and Image, Social Media, Sport/Life Balance, Find Your Purpose, CV Building, Interview Techniques, Values and Needs, What Makes Me Unique and many more...

Life after sport | Athlete coaching
One-to-One Personal Coaching for Professional Athletes

As many athletes know and understand, having someone to talk to away from the people who you associate with your sport is essential for feeling emotionally strong and secure. Our coaches are aware of the struggles and challenges athletes face and having someone who can relate to what someone is experiencing can play a pivotal role in their development and well-being.

Our personal coaching service offers sports professionals the opportunity to gain clarity with their goals and choices whilst helping them have a successful athletic career. We aim to provide athletes with control and direction for their lives outside of their sport. We work with many ages and levels from academy football players to world-class sports professionals. 

One-to-one sessions typically last one hour but can be more. Sessions are more beneficial in person but can be arranged via Skype/Phone. One-to-coaching is usually organised personally by the athlete or through the club/organisation or by parents/guardians.

Life after sport | Career guidance
Individual Player Development Programs

Life Step Management offers Sports Clubs and Organisations the opportunity to setup their players/athletes on personal and career development programs. Combining our individual programs with such programs as LifeStep_24, we are able to offer athletes the chance to venture on a personal journey of self-discovery finding out their passions, setting new goals, dealing with transitions and setting themselves up for success both in-and-out of their sport.


Each program is unique to each club/organisation and can be implemented into their entire sporting program. Sport is a tool, which shouldn't just be used for winning trophies and medals but should be used to develop incredible human beings and by combining our programs with yours, we can change the way athletes develop and the impact they have on other people's lives.

PFA Education Program | Life after sport
Season-Long Retainer

Even though our programs and services are powerful and can leave an immediate impact; the way we're able to impact an athletes development the most is through constant contact with the athletes and clubs themselves.


Life Step Management are offering sporting clubs/organisations to sign Life Step Management on a season-long retainer.

What Does This Mean?
For an entire season (athletics, football, rugby etc...), Life Step Management will offer up their services to the athletes and work with them on a regular basis. Life Step will work with the clubs to decide what services and programs they would like to implement into their own programs in order to get the most out of their athletes. Life Step will also be able to offer monthly visits, one-to-one coaching, workshops, email/phone support for all athletes and much, much more for the duration of the retainer. 

By having regular contact with clubs and athletes as well as building a relationship between all members, we are able to offer a much greater level of service and provide a deeper level of development for each of the athletes. 

To find out more about our programs and services for athletes and sporting clubs/organisations then please get in touch to arrange an individual consultation or a visit to your club.


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