Our team consists of: Global CIO’s, Head of Service Management, HR Director, ITIL Guru & Author, Technical Architect, Programme Manager, Quality Auditor, Project Mangers, Supplier Manager, IT Trainer, Executive & Personal Coaches, Image consultant, Footballer and more... This unique blend and combination of skills and expertise, tools and techniques make Life Step Management a desired source for personal and career development for all ages and industries. 


What makes us UNIQUE:

We offer a number of associates who have a wealth of various experiences who have helped develop Life Step Management and our extensive set of modules. We offer each of our clients a unique opportunity by having the availability of each of our coaches during your personal program. Each client will have different goals and backgrounds and if we feel one of our coaches may be able to offer a unique insight into a specific area, then we will do everything we can to offer you the best advice possible. The vast experiences Life Step Management can offer separates us from the rest.


Main Coaches and Directors

Dan Delderfield | Life Coach | Milton Keynes | Student Advisor


Daniel Delderfield, BSc

Qualifications/Expertise: Sports Science, Psychology, Leadership, Community Engagement, Counselling, Branding and Image.


Director, Personal Coach & Football Player.

A dedicated Footballer who rose through a professional Football Academy as a youngster, Dan has overcome insurmountable challenges in such a young career. A Loughborough University Graduate who has received national and international honours with England Universities, combined with a portfolio career in Fashion, Branding, Public Speaking and Life Coaching. Dan’s unique personality and advanced philosophical mind-set provides an insight into what it takes to be successful & live a life of your passions. With a never-give-up attitude, Dan has been able to continue a successful athletic career whilst gaining extensive knowledge and qualification in Psychology, Leadership, Community Engagement and Counselling. Dan's successful public speaking career in school's and college's made him a favourite with the youth of today; however, with the ability to guide, motivate and inspire on a level that is easily understood, Dan has helped people at all stages of their career take the next step to achieve their dreams.



"I've always felt that people have looked up to me. Maybe it's what i've achieved, my talent, my presence or my look but i'd like to think it's because of my human qualities and what i've had to overcome in my life. I can relate to so many people's stories. I aim to be the best at whatever i do and i always will but i have grown to realise that helping others and seeing them succeed can be one of the best feelings imaginable. By combining this passion for serving and giving along with my creativity and knowledge, I am able to create programs that help others get the most out of their lives."


- Dan Delderfield

Director and Coach.


Jane Seeley

Qualifications/Expertise: Leadership, Senior Management, Best Practice Facilitation, Business Strategy and Transformation, Service Management, Coaching.


​Director, Coach and Mentor, Business Coach.​

A corporate best practice facilitator, innovator and service focused professional, Jane understands the challenge and the rewards of change that is planned and well managed.  Bringing a blend of business tools and techniques into the Life Step Management’s programs, Jane has ensured that they are fun and engaging. Her experience in hosted and nurtured sports academy apprentices along with providing respite as a foster carer, and supporting thousands of staff members develop their own careers, has enabled her to refine her coaching and mentoring skills.

Jane excels in her ability to network and communicate to anyone she interacts with, which has built an extensive list of contacts. Her presence leaves an everlasting impression anywhere she goes and her passion for helping others is hard to match.


"I am fascinated with the human mind and emotions but sadly I see so many people when faced with change engulf themselves with fear,  resistance  and often end up feeling lost. As a strategist I naturally think 3 or 5 years ahead and enjoy helping individuals to think outside the box and set short term goals to strive towards meeting their full potential. Often all that is needed is to stop, step back and reflect on the fantastic opportunities and new doors that can be opened. I believe that it starts with unscrambling the weeds in your mind, take a 'leap of faith' and applying the law of attraction to steer new and exciting paths that are open to all of us."

- Jane Seeley
Director and Coach.



Other Coaches

Coaching and Mentoring.​

We look to match our coaches appropriately to our clients as we understand that everyone is unique and their needs will be different.



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