Personal Presence

'They say that three fifths of people form an opinion of others within just 5 seconds.'


'More than a third say that appearance is everything when forming first impressions.'


Therefore whether you're going for an interview, meeting someone on a date, are client-facing at work or just want to have more of an impact, our personal presence services may help you standout in a positive way.


Life Step Management's Personal Presence range of services help you:

  • Define your colours.

  • De-clutter and organise your wardrobe.

  • Invest in your image so that it works for you and not against you.

  • Create a consistent and powerful image.

  • Coach you to market yourself properly and have more of an impact.



Our team is made up of experienced individuals who have worked with top fashion and retail brands such as Ralph Lauren and John Lewis. Our wide range of coaches have been able to establish a strong presence in a variety of industry sectors, enhancing their reputation and creating endless opportunities for themselves.


Who we work with

Each client is different and we pride ourselves on offering such a unique service to every individual. We work with both men and women at different stages of their lives and careers. Whether you regularly update your wardrobe (which you should) or you want an outfit for a specific occasion; we can help.


Our clients and services include:



•Men and Women from any walk of life

•Business Professionals (CEO’s, Executives)

•Celebrities (People in the public eye)

•Senior members of a company






•Students transitioning into work



•Getting Married (Groom/Bridal outfits within a budget)

•Graduation day (Standing-out proudly in front of your peers and family)

•Interview (Looking the part for the job you want)

•Seasonal wardrobe updates (Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter)


We are also able to offer our services to retail organisations and companies looking to offer a unique service to their clients or staff members. Check out our corporate page to find out more.


The Services

Personal Shopping for Corporates
Colour Analysis| Milton Keynes
Define Your Colours

Colour Analysis is the process of finding the right colours of clothing to match a person's skin complexion, hair colour, face shape, and eye colour.


When you wear a colour near your face the light reflects upwards onto your face. Choosing the right colour will mean the difference between looking glowy and bright compared to tired and sad.


Defining your colours helps individuals make wiser choices when shopping for new items. Colour analysis is a lifetime investment that will help individuals save money down the line as they are purchasing clothes that compliment their skin tone and features, not diminish them.


Wearing your correct colours helps individual’s standout during important situations as well as having a stronger impact on others.


Get your colours done today! Contact us for a free consultation.

Personal Shopping in Milton Keynes
Dressing for Success

(Wardrobe Management, Personal Shopping and Styling)


Create your signature look that represents you the best.


Wardrobe Management:

De-clutter your wardrobe and make outfit choosing easy and consistent.


Personal Shopping:

Transform your wardrobe and enhance your impact. Shop more wisely and invest in clothes that will bring back profit in the form of opportunities and confidence.



Discover what works well with your body shape, skin-tone, career and lifestyle. Define and organise outfits for different occasions.

Personal Branding for Executives
Personal Coaching

Personal presence is not just about how you look; it’s also about how you feel.


Do you know who you truly are?

Do you know what your values and needs are?

Do you know what your key characteristics and skills are?


Through are unique programs, we can help you set personal goals and create a plan to improve your personal development and performance.


Are you aware of how your appearance affects the perceptions of those around you? Do you feel that opportunities never seem to come your way? Discover how your image is affecting your life and how you can improve these areas with our other services.

Personal Branding for Corporates
Define your personal brand
Corporate Services

(Please see page 'Personal Presence for Corporates')


The majority of companies invest large sums of money on corporate branding including: marketing, advertising, websites, design and much more. However they often neglect their most important and influential assets of their company brand – their employees.


Developing an individuals presence within a company actually strengthens a company’s reputation rather than hinder the leaders within it.


Employees represent the company they work for both in-and-outside of the company walls. Understanding how others perceive them will help develop a conscious workforce who will represent the brand with integrity and pride.


Developing strong leaders that represent the company will help inspire and motivate those around them.


Get new-starters and graduates up to speed and confident enough to carry out the work and represent the company.


Start creating corporate ambassadors within your organisation. Contact us for a free consultation.


We aim to make each client’s experience unique. Due to the differences in preparation, budget, time and location for each individual, our prices will vary depending on the required service and clientele.


Book yours today. Get in touch for a FREE consultation and quote.






If you have any further questions then don't hesitate to ask.


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