Personal Presence for Corporates


'People respond to how we are dressed, so like it or not, this is what you have to do.'

- Harvey Specter (Suits, USA TV)



Organisations spend millions on marketing and advertising yet they neglect their greatest assets; their people.


We help create a confident and image-conscious workforce, focusing on their impact within the workplace and their clients.


We coach, train and advise leaders and decision makers or those going through change, on how to feel more confident, position themselves correctly and have more of an impact in both their personal and career lives.



The Benefits:


  • Individuals who understand how they are perceived are less likely to hurt the brand and more likely to enhance it's reputation.

  • First-impressions are vital in influencing deals and building long-lasting relationships with important stakeholders.

  • Creating a strong, consistent image is important for company culture and reputation.

  • Having a strong word-of-mouth reputation is far more valuable and less expensive than large advertising campaigns but this is only created by the people who work for the brand.

  • Developing individuals' understanding of their presence within a company actually strengthens a company’s reputation rather than hinder the leaders within it.

  • Employees represent the company they work for both in-and-outside of the company walls.

  • Understanding how others perceive them will help develop a conscious workforce who will represent the brand with integrity and pride.

  • Get new-starters and graduates up to speed and feel confident enough to carry out the work and represent the company.


The Services

Personal Shopping for Corporates
Personal Branding for Corporates
Define your personal brand
Corporate Services

(For the individual and the organisation)


We combine a number of tools and services in order to design inspiring and interactive workshops specific to your organisations needs.


Services for individuals can be packaged separately as a result of the workshops.


An example of types of workshops (Additional workshops also available):


Stage 1: Define Values.

Aligning team values to the company's values.

Enhancing team culture in alignment with objectives.

Engaging key stakeholders/leaders in the business and various teams.

The Do's and Don'ts.


Stage 2: Develop Individuals.

Personal coaching to enhance motivation and confidence.

1-1 Coaching utilising Life Step modules.

Identify Values and Needs.

Set goals and strategies.


Social Media Do's and Don'ts.


Stage 3: Defining your image.

Colour Analysis.

What to wear and when.

Image perception.

Multicultural Considerations.


Stage 4: Individual Services.

Individual services to enhance workshop outputs include: Colour Analysis for individuals, wardrobe management, personal shopping, styling and one-to-one coaching.

Define your personal brand
Additional Workshops


Workshops are also available to cover a number of topics to a larger audience.


Topics include:

  • Icebreakers

  • Information about branding and the company’s expectations

  • Interactive modules

  • Motivation and confidence

  • Colour Analysis

  • Positive impact in the workplace

  • Leadership and Management


Please get in touch regarding our workshops and if you would like us to design a workshop specific to your organisations needs.


We aim to make each client’s experience unique. Due to the differences in preparation, budget, time and location for each individual, our prices will vary depending on the required service and clientele.


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