Services for Organisations

Life Step Management have helped and supported a number of organisations and projects with their most important assets; their people. We have a number of services from coaching and mentoring to personal presence and service management training. We can help develop your leaders and decision makers as well as create a culture that enhances client and employee satisfaction. 

Business Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and Mentoring

We offer one-to-one coaching programs and services for organisations.


Whether your team needs motivation to succeed, guidance through a transition or wish to highlight key skills and attributes of an individual, our programs can be tailored for your organisations needs.

Business Coaching
Executive Coaching

We provide 1-1 personal coaching and retainers for leaders and decision makers.


Our interactive modules and range of experienced coaches who have been there and done it set us apart from the rest. We help executives reach the expectations of success that are required of them.

Service Management Mentoring
Service Management Training

Service Management doesn't just relate to IT. Our team of experienced coaches understand the processes of service management and have successfully delivered best practice in a number of international organisations.


We aim to support organisations through large change projects and motivate them to succeed.


Executive branding
Personal Presence for Corporates

Organisations spend large amounts of money on marketing and advertising yet they often neglect their greatest asset; their people.


We aim to help organisations create a confident & image-conscious workforce by coaching & supporting individuals on how they are perceived by others & how they can have a greater impact through their image.

Career Transitions in Sport
Life Coaching for Football Clubs

Football can be a harsh business at times as we often see stories about depression and a lack of support for athletes when they leave the game.


We can support athletes through such career transitions by providing clubs with personal coaching programs, workshops and 1-1 mentoring for all ages.

Student Mentoring Programs
Students, School's & Colleges

Qualifications are important but a student only begins learning about the realities of life once they are out in the real-world.


We aim to prepare students for this by providing them with essential life and soft skills to give them the best opportunity to fulfill their potential. Academic institutions often neglect the benefits that individual support can provide their students which is where we can help.

Don't see anything you like?


If you feel our programs or services may benefit you or the organisation you are associated with then don't be afraid to get in touch. We always aim to offer more than what is expected and will tailor our services to your need.​


If you require a service or want us to develop a program which isn't on this page then please get in touch as we have already developed a number of services designed specifically for a certain group or individual.



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