Should I invest in a coach?

Should I invest in a coach?

People will happily spend £40 an hour, twice a week for an 'unqualified' Personal Trainer who will make you sweat and trick you into believing that you are developing. Students now spend £8,000 a year on college degrees to learn a subject that they don't even enjoy, just to barely pass and find themselves in the same situation they were 3 years before, not knowing what they want to do in life! An investment means putting forward something of yours (e.g. time, effort or money) in order to reap a greater benefit down the line (e.g. more money, fulfillment or reaching a goal/milestone). Investing in a coach is the same thing as a personal trainer or a college course but what we offer you is 'a choice' to put you in the drivers seat of YOUR life. Coaches are becoming more and more of a talking point between everyone from students to business professionals. What is a coach? What can a coach do for me? The thing people need to realise is coaches who just want sales will never be able to help you compared to coaches who are passionate about helping others. Why would someone devote their life to helping others? The same reason why you would donate to charity. The same reason why you would do anything for your kids. We love to help others. We gain satisfaction from seeing others succeed and that's not because we are selfish, it's because we are selfless. Many of our coaches have gone through really tough times but someone was there to guide, motivate and encourage us to get through it. Now with that experience, coaches do the same for other people. We were born to make a difference in the world and we don't just stop after helping one person, we try and help every single person we meet. Assoication with others is a human need and if you think how small we are compared to the billions of galaxies up in the sky then we can't think of ourselves as bigger than anyone else. Should you invest in a coach? Remember that you are not just investing in a coach; you are investing in you! It's time to let go of those negative thoughts which are restricting your development and it's time to start something new.

The problem with today’s society is people develop into very close-minded people. They forget the power of learning. The power of adapting. Think back to when you were young. It didn’t matter what you were doing, you just wanted to be the best at it. Whether it be playing football, getting grades or answering a question in Maths. You just wanted to look good to the people around you. Therefore you were willing to take in every bit of information around you. When you are outside playing a game with people older than you, all you wanted to do was be accepted. So what you did was listen and learn, then eventually you would overtake these people. But it seems that once we get older, we forget the power of learning. We all think that we know it all yet really, we know nothing at all.

Wine Glass

As many of us know, in order to fill a cup we must first empty the cup but we don’t just empty the contents and forget about what we have already done. We can store it in our minds. Just because we learn something new, doesn’t mean that we forget what we already know. We combine both sets of information to create something even better and more powerful. In life we will all come across a time where we feel down, depressed or struggle to cope with a certain situation but what many of us do is keep this bottled inside. There are so many people available to talk to that can help you with your problem yet you much prefer to keep it bottled inside.

Think of the ‘glass half empty, half full’ metaphor. But instead of answering which one it is. Ask yourself; ‘How much does this weigh?’ It might be 10oz, 5oz? That doesn’t matter. What matters is the truth; ‘The longer I hold this glass of water, the heavier it gets’. After 10 minutes my arm will start to ache. After 30 minutes my arm will be shaking. After 1 hour my arm will want to fall off… Think of this glass of water like your worries. The longer you hold onto your worries and problems, the more problems they are going to cause you. The challenge is; ‘How do I empty my glass of problems? This is where a coach may be able to help you. A coach is essentially a mentor. But they are also people who will listen to you and guide you to solve your issues. They will question and challenge you. A coach is merely a catalyst for your successes in life. They will help equip you with the necessary tools to cope with certain situations. These tools will then transfer into other areas of your life. A simple investment now could change your life forever in the future.

All it takes is one moment to change your life. By investing in something that is going to help balance your life and help you understand your thought processes, will no doubt give you a return in the future. Developing your personal and career skills may be the difference between a £15k/yr job or a £20k/yr job. It may also be the difference between you getting a job you enjoy and getting a job you LOVE. Life is not just about work, it’s about YOU. What makes you happy? What legacy will you want to leave behind? What life will you want to remember and live all over again? You might feel that you don’t have much choice over your life but in fact you most definitely DO. You have the power to invest in small opportunities that will develop and guide you to a more fulfilled life. We can’t help situations we get put in, but we can control how we deal with them and what we learn from them. Everything happens for a reason. Whether you believe this or not, by having a bit of faith, you gain a whole different perspective in life. ‘Faith’ is just believing in something that you cannot see. If you can’t see yourself in a better place; then where you are now, then it’s time to get up and let someone help you discover what it truly means to live for the moment.

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