How to get THAT Job! - CV Clinic, MK Job Show Jan-2015

How to get THAT Job!

“I have just been made redundant and looking for a new job”.

"I've been raising a family from home for the past 7 years and not sure what i can do or what there is to do. I'm not up-to-date with technology."

“I have worked in the same company for over 20/30 years and now looking for a change”.

“I have worked as a (policeman, fireman, in the forces) and now looking for a career away from what I usually do”.

“I’m not sure if my experiences and qualifications suit a different career”.

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Friday 23rd kicked off the first Milton Keynes Job Show of 2015. The MK Job Show lasted Friday and Saturday and was a very, very successful event. In the past this event has attracted over a hundred thousand people from various locations, all of who were seeking new opportunities. There were a number of well-known organisations advertising new roles and allowing individuals to talk about what types of candidates they were looking for. This was a great opportunity for anyone looking to change his or her career or start something new. Now all that mattered was that all-important first impression. And what does this usually include? Yes, that’s right; a CV.

The CV Clinic

Life Step Management hosted a CV Clinic to anyone wanting advice on what makes a great CV, what potential employers could be looking for and how to capture the interest of organisations. We aimed to provide individuals with 5 minutes of our time, which covered:

  • Their employment history

  • What types of roles they were looking for and why the change

  • A brief evaluation of their current CV

  • Advice and tips of what makes a great CV

  • Plan of action for the individual to improve their CV

  • Any additional personal or career development strategies

Lack of direction

Many individuals didn’t even know what direction they wanted to go. Unfortunately with the limited time we had we were unable to coach everyone on how to find their path; therefore we aim to connect with these individuals over the next few weeks to help them with their personal and career goals through our personal programs and Boot Camp style workshops.

Common Questions and Themes

The weekend offered many challenging questions and queries related to CV’s and career choices. There were some which stood out on their own but we often received similar questions/themes or met people in very similar situations to others. We are sure that there are many people who couldn’t attend the day who are in a similar position so it’s important we address these issues.

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(Individuals queuing in the hundreds for the CV Clinic at the MK Job Show)

We tried to sum up the most common questions and themes below:



- A number of individuals have recently been made redundant and having had outplacement support to write a CV, they wanted verification that their CV's where okay.

- Some wanted to consider going part-time but not sure what options would be open to them.

- Many wanted to change career but not sure what or how to go about it.

- Some after many years working at the company were anxious about having to be interviewed and looked for support and advice in respect of interview skills.

First Job:

- Many young people visited looking for support to create a CV as once they had tried themselves, it was just a list of 'predicted' exam scores; instead they should’ve considered listing key skills they had learnt over their early years, achievements from school or group activities in order to position themselves as an asset to an organisation.

- Many had no idea what jobs to do, thinking retail was their only option for a first job or to get an apprenticeship in a random field.

- Many had not considered offering to be a volunteer to get experience.

Unhappy in current role:

- People looking for direction and support and guidance in how to successfully target and obtain alternative roles.

- People not sure what they wanted to do, potentially looking at part time role or entering a portfolio career.

Out of work:

- Many individuals had been out of work for some time and very negative about not hearing back from employers, many had not rung or spoken to prospective employers following an interview to seek feedback.

- Some individuals that had very good CVs could not understand why they were not getting interviews. Explaining to make sure they 'tweaked' their CV's and included a cover letter to ensure that they demonstrated the essential criteria that an employer was looking for made sense to people but they fed back they had failed to do this.

Returning to work:

- Quiet a few parents both men and women who had taken a career break to look after children, now seeking to return to the workplace but recognising things have moved on significantly in the last 5years...

- Looking for inspiration as to what could be a good entry level role that enabled them to be flexible but build up a career / plug the skills gap following their career gap.

Language Barriers:

- Some saw language a barrier when English was not their first language and having moved to the UK, they did not feel they could enter the same level of employment, as it was not their native language.

- Some found it hard to write a CV in the 'English' Style and written word

Help with writing a CV:

- Many wanted confirmation that the format of their CV was correct while others wanted to seek clarification if they were positioning themselves correctly.

- Interesting that nobody discussed in depth or bought along an example of their cover letter.


- Many did not have a LinkedIn profile.

- Many were concerned about LinkedIn and security, when we discussed they had not understood LinkedIn or how it should be used when actively looking for a job highlighting the lack of understanding in respect of the power of networking.


- Frustration of applying for roles and not hearing back / getting feedback (some that had a interview did not ask for feedback).

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(One-to-one CV Clinic offering CV advice and Career Coaching)

This event showed that there is a huge need for support and guidance for individuals in both their personal and career lives. If this is you, don’t be afraid, don’t get stressed; there is support out there and all it takes is for you to take that first step. Many of the people we met have already done that; it’s now how they react from the feedback.

Life Step Management doesn’t just help people get into work, we help them decide what it is they actually want to do.

We are looking to be a part of more Job Shows in the near future so make sure you follow us on twitter and facebook or get in touch via our website to stay up-to-date.

We are also going to be running BootCamp style workshops in-and-around the Milton Keynes area to support individuals who are looking for support with both their personal and career development. These are weekly workshops, incorporating a number of modules to guide you through your journey to landing a new job or even just to gain some more clarity in life. Interested? Click here and let us know that you want a place. Places will be going very quickly so get in touch today to guarantee yourself a spot. Alternatively, if you want to purchase one of our services then get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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