Why are we willing to accept a career we hate?

Why are we willing to accept a career we hate?

- by Dan Delderfield

There are many, many people in the world who hate their job. You might be sitting there thinking, ‘but I don’t?’ Okay, but can you honestly say that you really love your job?

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(CV Clinic at MK Job Show - Many people unhappy with their jobs)

Research reveals that we will spend around 99,117hrs at work. The average British male will spend the majority of this time grafting (that’s the equivalent of 11 and a half years of solid hard graft). So when do we start seeing results? Maybe never and that’s the problem…

Many of us, if asked the question; ‘are you in a job that you planned on being in’ will say ‘no’. That’s not necessarily a bad things because life can sometimes lead us through certain experiences and land us in a job that we would have never thought of doing but actually demonstrates all our skills and interests. However it does raise the question when we end up doing something completely different to what we wanted to do…and end up never enjoying it. However, the problem doesn’t lie in the job itself… The problem lies in how the person feels about the job and how it affects other areas of their life.


I’ve been very lucky in the sense that I’ve always had a goal. I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to be and do with my life. I say lucky because that’s what everyone tells me; ‘oh you’re so lucky, you’ve always known what you’ve wanted to do’. But is it luck? I just found something I enjoyed and stuck at it. I worked hard, wanted to be better than everyone else and just kept going even when it got tough. The question you probably want to ask is, ‘Am I doing the thing I originally planned on doing?’ In most cases, yes, but my journey has always led me into finding out other interests and hidden passions that I didn’t realize at first. But what I did find from pursuing my dreams was that I would never be content with just doing something that didn’t fulfill me in order to make a living.

I don’t want to just make a living…I want to make a life…

You must have vision. And vision is different just sight. We can all see but only few of us have vision. Look at this picture and answer as simple as possible…What do you see?

Plant Pot

Most people will say ‘A plant pot’. And you’d be right! But people with vision will answer differently and say they see something more like this:

Bonsai Tree

You must have vision if you want to make something of your life and you need to live in that vision. You must know exactly what success looks like, feels like and even tastes like so that once you get there, you’ll know it.

External Factors

Not everyone will have vision and sometimes it’s not your fault (I’m with you on that one). Society leads us into believing that we aren’t something more. It’s a control system. Society is happy placing people in jobs to make the world go round. Think about it…why do schools test individuals on the same topics when we all have different capabilities and interests? We never get challenged with questions such as; ‘what does success mean to you?’, or ‘what makes you unique?’

Another factor is our upbringing. Our learning and development can be greatly affected by how and most importantly, who we are raised by. Not just by parents, but also those around us such as friends and peers. Every single word and action is a learning point and you may just be seeing the wrong things at the wrong time but at such a young age, how are you going to know what’s right and what’s wrong?

Life makes it easy for people to become lazy, un-motivated, spend less time reflecting, take the easy option, stay in our comfort zones and to not plan.

A Plan

My aim with Life Step Management is to offer individuals the opportunity to plan for a better future. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL FOR living in the moment and taking each day for what it is but you wouldn’t jump out of a plane without making sure you had a parachute and the landing area was clear and everything was set… would you? All planning means is being prepared. Prepared for things that might happen but also for things that don’t happen. No you can’t plan for every single circumstance but you do a good job and reduce the chances of not being prepared for something.

My career in sport is a cutthroat business. You could go on for years and years or finish tomorrow morning. It’s mad how so many people don’t have a plan or haven’t even considered what other interests or paths they wish to follow.

Plan B

I’m not sure if I agree with having a plan B. I might have said this to people before but I don’t know if I understood it as much as I do now. A plan B is great but I also think that it can distract you from Plan A and at the end of the day, Plan A is THE most important thing. But what’s wrong with having another Plan A or a Plan A1? When you’re focusing on one thing, you give it 100%. You have to if you want to be the best, but as soon as that’s done and you’re onto something else, you now forget about the first one and give you 100% to the next task. I think it’s possible to do that. Just because you have another plan, it shouldn’t mean giving up on that first goal and I think that’s where people fail. At Life Step Management we try to help individuals in improving their focus and controlling their efforts in their everyday tasks.

Why do I need to find a job I enjoy?

  • You’ll feel happier.

  • You’ll have a purpose in life.

  • You’ll have more energy.

  • You’ll earn more success (money, items, happiness…)

  • You’ll be more motivated.

How does Life Step Management help with creating a vision and achieving a life of fulfillment?

Life Step Management combines one-to-one coaching with interactive coaching modules to support individuals through their personal and career lives. Our modules cover a variety of topics but ultimately they help individuals set out a plan by:

  • Creating a timeline of goals.

  • Setting more realistic and achievable goals.

  • Reflecting on what happens and learning from the results.

  • Interacting with like-minded people.

  • Exploring your options.

  • Creating visual materials that help you see your goals more clearly.

  • Researching and analyzing the areas you’re passionate about.

  • Offering advice from experience and knowledge.

What if I don’t want to move jobs and I’m quite happy where I am?

Then don’t worry and carrying on with your life :)

But the next time you moan about your job or how things aren’t going for you then think again…There’s nothing wrong with being content with your job whether you’re earning a million bucks or not but as soon as you start moaning about things, there’s a problem. If you moan and do something about it then that fine but if you start moaning and don’t intend on doing anything about it yourself, then please, please be quiet. You may not realize it but you will be affecting every single person around you with your negativity.

However if you want to do something about it but don’t know how then let me tell you, there is a way and it starts with YOU making the first step.

The Next Step Towards a Great Career

  • Get in touch with Life Step Management. A career coach is vital to your success and happiness in your career.

  • Read. Read. Read. Find out how others did it and adapt it to your story.

  • Reflect every single day.

  • Question everything. Never accept something you’re not completely happy with.

  • Decide WHO you want to be before WHAT you want to be. Who you are carries into everything you do. What you do can always change.

Why is it so important to me for others to find a life of happiness? Because I love what I do and feel a sense of meaning and if that was to disappear, I’d lose a sense of living. I want others to live a life of purpose so that when the day comes that they leave this world, their legacy will live on.

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