LS_24: A Life-Changing Program

Life Step_24... Well what can we say about it? Well as you can already guess from the title; it's life-changing.


LifeStep_24 is a comprehensive program consisting of 24 modules separated into 3 levels. This program takes the individual on a journey of self-exploration focusing on first, the personal side of their life and secondly, their career options and directions. Many career coaching programs that are out there mainly focus on the latter, which doesn't attend to the individual's values and needs. We take a step back and help the individual understand themselves better, find out what success means to them, define their values and re-gain balance in their life. ONLY then can someone be able to take a step forward with their career or whatever they want to do in life.

24 modules

The idea of having 24 modules is based on the saying, 'A Day to Change Your Life'. The bare minimum it would take one of our clients to complete this program is 24 hours (1 hour per module), however we insist our clients take time to both prepare for and reflect from their sessions, which can take the total number of hours to complete this program up to 70+ hours! Now that's what we call a proper investment in your time.

Over 50+ outputs

Even though there are only 24 modules, if you put the time and effort into this program you can actually gain over 50+ outputs! Life Step_24 has been uniquely designed so that anyone who goes through the program will come out with both mental and physical outputs that they can start using to enhance their lives. Whether you need a new LinkedIn profile, an improved CV or even an entire list of all your skills and attributes, then Life Step_24 provides you with them and more!

Our words don't do Life Step_24 justice, so i'll leave it up to our clients to tell you about the benefits they received from completing this program (testimonials). We're not here to tell you about our program for our benefit; we are telling you this because of the amount of significant change we have seen in the people who decided they should go through our program. WE KNOW FOR A FACT that there are more people out there who are seeking change but don't know which way to turn. If this is you or even if you know someone who might be in need of our support, then get in touch for a free, no obligation chat. We'd love to hear your story and see, if any way possible, we can support you and help you have the life you've always wanted.

Have an awesome day,

The Life Step Team


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