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Hey everyone! I hope you're well! The weather is constantly changing here in the UK and I'm sure its not so dissimilar wherever you are in the world. Sometimes our lives can feel like this too; one day we are happy and feel energised, then the next we feel negative and have zero energy! Why is this? Well first of all, don't panic. Many, many people feel like this. Even our coaches do sometimes! Unfortunately that's life and it's usually down to external influencers that make us feel like that. However, what we can control is how we respond in these moments and get ourselves back on track, and one of the best ways our clients find to do this is through having support and motivation from someone else.

Reaching Hand

Having A Personal Guide A personal guide (much like a coach) is someone who is there for you on a regular basis to help you stay on track and keep you motivated during difficult times. A guide can be anyone close to you: be it a parent, guardian, brother, sister, auntie, uncle, friend or in our clients case, a coach. The reason why we call this person a guide is because that's exactly what they do. Keep in mind that they may teach and they may push you down certain paths during specific moments in your relationship, but ultimately a guide serves as a catalyst for your own development and growth. A guide merely steers you in the right direction by listening to your concerns and helping you reflect in order to make your own decision. A good guide will also have great questioning skills and will constantly ask, 'why?' (just like you did when you were 6 years old, 'why, why, why...?'). Similar to a mentor, a guide will hopefully have built a relationship with the individual over a certain period of time but it's not essential. You can also have a number of guides but we recommend having at least one person who you speak with on a regular basis. Accountability One of the best reasons to have regular contact with a guide is because they hold you accountable for your daily actions. If you have someone reminding you of your tasks and seeing if you are on track, it makes you accountable for those tasks. Because you have someone checking up on you, it gives you more of a purpose to complete and reach your goals. Hopefully you already have someone you can rely on to be your personal guide. If you don't, then map out your connections and start reaching out to people who are good listeners and would be willing to offer support. In return you can also hold them accountable for their goals and you can plan to catch up on a weekly basis. You'll be surprised at how beneficial this could be for both of you! Our Monthly Programs For these exact reasons explained above, we opened up a monthly coaching program for our clients. Many of our clients went through our extensive programs but 2 weeks later, they found themselves missing that constant contact and daily support. They wanted someone to hold them accountable. Our monthly programs enable individuals to get signed up with a coach and arrange weekly or monthly Skype coaching sessions to discuss targets and set out goals to achieve them as well as having remote support via phone and email for any immediate problems that they have. Some clients wish to have regular support whereas other just need to check-in once a month. We offer a number of packages depending on the clients needs and circumstances. If you would like regular support in order to achieve your goals and be ahead of the competition, then get in touch via our website and we can arrange a free consultation. By quoting 'LSM Newsletter July 2015' - you can receive a month of free email support for a whole month from our experienced coaches! Please feel free to pass this on to your friends and give them the opportunity to have support from people who care! Have an awesome week and stay positive throughout! The Life Step Team Please feel free to share this free newsletter with your friends and family on social media using the buttons below. This will help us reach more of the people who matter and you will be doing a good deed for the day!

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