How to Live a Successful Life

How to live a successful life

Success… Isn’t that what we all want? But what is success? Success is different for all of us but at the end of the day, whatever success may be, we all want it.

Some of you may say that you aren’t seeking success; instead you only seek happiness. But that IS success. It’s your success. You now need to define what makes you happy.

What is Success?

As you can see, success can be many things and also quite confusing at times. This is why we focus our coaching programs to help individuals understand what success means to them. Some of the first modules of our Life Step_24 program do exactly this. There are many life coaching and career coaching programs out there that go straight into ‘the 5 year plan’ and ‘what you need to do today’. However, how can you do that without actually knowing what you are searching for? In order to find out your definition of success, you need to dig really, really deep because you may think you know what it is to you, but you’ll soon find out success could be something completely different.

How Do I Find Out What Success Means?

In order to define success, you need to look inside of yourself, not outside. This is where a lot of people go wrong. With media being as vibrant as it is, we can easily get persuaded into believing that the newest gadget on the market, or the shiniest car in the showroom is the definition of success. We are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities and their riches and we are made to believe that this is the only definition of success. Of course they are going to want you to think that. That success costs money and keeps you working in your 9-5 job in order to pay for them.

In order to find success you need to reflect. Reflect on where you are today and how you got there including who helped you and what challenges you had to overcome. By doing this, you immediately pick up on key moments in your life that could be defined as success. What truly makes you happy? Is it that gold watch you’re wearing, or the person you are around when you wear it? Sometimes it’s the little things that mean more to us than the big things.

The Problem With Success

If our goals are too large and we constantly seem to never achieve them, we are going to feel down and depressed. Having large goals are great and we do need them, but if these expensive, materialistic items are our only definitions of success, then we end up getting trapped in this cycle of failure, when we have actually achieved a lot more in the process.

When we get feedback from our coaching clients, near enough 70% of them say that the success modules were most impactful because they now know what they are aiming for.

What does success mean to you? In order to live a successful life you must first answer this question.

If you need a hand then feel free to contact us via our website. We’d be happy to help.

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