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Offering students a more holistic learning experience by learning soft skills, business language and communication and much more.


Our programs can fit alongside a student's current curriculum, providing them with motivation and emotional-support to develop and grow in order to make wiser choices, learn essential life skills that they don't learn in class and to create a plan for when they leave school.

Life Coaching for Students
Personal Coaching & Mentoring
Career Guidance for Students
Career Coaching and Guidance

Life Step Management are able to offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring to students and young people. It's hard to get a job without practical experience, which is what we bring to our coaching. We also provide personal presence services to enhance your impact to standout. It's vital that students can relate to someone who understands their concerns away from their subject teachers and staff.

Institutions: We offer full-day services to academic institutions delivering workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions for individual students. If you would like Life Step Management to work with your school, college or university then get in touch.

Our career coaching and guidance services offer academic institutions more than just a career advisor for their students. Whilst it is important to learn the core subjects, students without a clear vision of where they want their studies to take them, will struggle to apply their knowledge in the real world. Young people need to consider the right company, explore potential career paths and define their values and needs.

Career Coaching: We are able to offer students the opportunity to develop vital skills which aren't taught in the classroom e.g. CV writing, interview skills, how to get shortlisted, branding, networking and much more...

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Public Speaking: Insightful & Inspiring
Educational Workshops
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Personal Coaching for Students

Life Step Management deliver interesting and impactful workshops to academic institutions covering a number of topics. Typically lasting 1-2 hours, our interactive workshops inspire and motivate students to consider their personal development in a way they have never thought of before. Our workshops combine unique topics and utilise an entire toolkit of Life Step modules to help teach, guide and encourage students to take ownership of their time as a student.

Workshop Topics: Our workshop topics include how to get a job, being an entrepreneur, public speaking, goal setting, the balance of my life, how to study better and much more. Get in touch and we may even be able to design a workshop specifically to your needs.

Some of our coaches are renowned for their public speeches delivered to a number of institutions across the country. If you want your students to be motivated, inspired and energised then get them to listen to one of our motivational talks. Students, teachers and parents will be taken on a journey, talking about the ups and downs of life, what it takes to succeed and how our coaches got to where they are today. These talks are informative yet passionate.

Public Talks: Our talks are able to relate to the students in a way their institutions have never been able to and this is because we use real life examples of struggle and pain and how these were turned into positives. Get in touch to find out more about this service. 

To find out more about our services or how we can help you, your child or your institution then get in touch via our contact form. Before working with any individual or institution we like to learn more about their philosophies, values and history so please get in touch to arrange a conversation with one of our team or for a personal visit.


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