Career Transitions in Sport 


'By the age of 21, 91% of professional footballers have given up the game.'


'Risks of injury are far greater in an athletic career than most industrial occupations.'


'Only 1% will ever make and even then, you're retired at 35~ years of age'.








Life Step Management have first-hand experience of the frustrations and challenges professional athletes face. Download our PDF brochure to read more about how we help professional footballers and athletes alike with life both during and after sport.


The Realities

  • Getting released at a young age.

  • Haven't developed any other interests.

  • Injuries, both short-term and long-term.

  • Depression - affecting sport and personal life.

  • High Expectations and decisions based on opinions.

  • Early retirement (planned or unplanned)

  • Daily challenges and transitions (e.g. new manager, relocation)

  • Personal brand and identity challenges.


What Will I Get?

Our coaching and programs benefit professional athletes in many ways:
  • ​Take pressure off by not worrying about what you want to do when you retire.
  • Less stress in order to focus on your sport.
  • Have confidential, emotional support to enhance well-being and motivation.
  • Essential life skills to take control of your future whatever path you decide to take.
  • Time management and organisation skills.
  • Tools and techniques to take ownership of your career.
  • A more balanced life both in and outside of the game.
  • CV and Interview skills to help you find a career.
  • Opportunity to network and build wider connections outside of sport.
  • An understanding of business language and communication.
Life After Sport
Life after sport | Athlete coaching
One-to-One Personal Coaching for Professional Athletes

As many athletes know and understand, having someone to talk to about personal and emotional issues is essential for feeling emotionally strong and secure. Our coaches are fully aware of the struggles and challenges athletes face on a day-to-day basis and having someone who can relate to that can play a pivotal role in their development and well-being.

Our personal coaching service offers sports professionals the opportunity gain clarity with their goals and plan for a life after sport whilst helping them maintain successful athletic career.

We have a number of beneficial programs such as our LifeStep_24 program but we also understand that everyone is unique; therefore we are able to work with athletes on a one-to-one basis in order to define their goals and support them with their issues.


We are passionate about helping professional athletes fulfill their potential both in-and-outside of their sport.

To find out more about our programs and services for athletes and sporting clubs/organisations then please get in touch to arrange an individual consultation or a visit to your club.


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