Youth Coaching

Times have changed. Before; going to school, working hard, being a good student, going to college, going to university and then getting a degree could have guaranteed you a job; however now that is not the case.


In order to standout you need to have something different but often school's lack the time and resources to coach young individuals on essential life and business skills. Students are required to balance school, sport, family, social life as well as handle perceptions of others, which can be difficult. Many students do not even know what it is they want to do in life. Life Step Management can help.



Life Step Management aim to provide a holistic learning environment for students so that they can deal with the pressures of life while working towards a career they are passionate in.


Personal and Career Coaching for Students:

Life Step Management are able to offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring to students and young people. It's vital that students can relate to someone who understands their concerns away from their subject teachers, staff and even parents.


Our one-to-one coaching can help you or your child in many ways:

  • Find out your hidden talents and attributes.

  • Develop interests and work towards pursuing them as a career.

  • Find out what it is you want to do when you finish school.

  • Create a 5 year plan and set SMART goals.

  • Understand professional language and communication.

  • Learn how to write a professional email.

  • Set up a professionally looking LinkedIn Profile.

  • Clean up your online presence and social medias.

  • Increase motivation in college/school.

  • Learn how to network and self-market yourself.

  • Learn how to have a positive influence and impact on those around you.

  • Develop exceptional time management and organisational skills.

  • Learn how to balance all areas of your life.



Personal Coaching for Students

We understand that everyone is unique and we are willing to take the time to understand a persons needs and work towards fulfilling them. Please get in touch to arrange a consultation for yourself or your child via our contacts page.


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